Movement House

Roskilde, Denmark 2015

Movement House revolves around a notion of health that is inclusive and all-encompassing – at a full 360-degree-angle. The building's circular construction comprises a core of doctor's practices and health facilities, surrounded by an outer 'Activity Ring' that encourages visitors to become aware of their bodies through active engagement with the space.

Acting as a platform for promoting the interaction between all aspects of human health, Movement House is an innovative building dedicated to the cultivation of health. Movement House does not suggest an even framework, but rather one that has some variation built into it. Supported by an open and flexible architectural design, the building is organised to contain more permanent and rigid structures in the centre, and more organic and adaptable spaces around the building's core.

The building's programme is conceived around two distinct, complementary components: the Treatment Core and the Activity Ring. The simple and flexible layout of the Treatment Core maximises the potential for professional dialogue between practitioners as well as for casual interactions among the many visitors. As the dynamic and public face of Movement House, the Activity Ring encourages visitors to become aware of their bodies and inspires them to encounter the building in an experimental and playful way.

Movement House was developed as part of Musicon, in Roskilde, Denmark. While designed specifically for the local context, the project further serves as a case study for new architectural models of spaces centred on health.

Client: Musicon
Location: Roskilde, Denmark
Date: 2015